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:iconmazohyst-moemixcloud: has a completely empty commission list at the time I am typing this and that's just WRONG :[

You should go in and look at what's available! Make it not empty! :[

(Edit: Wait, holy shit! Did I actually help somebody that I intended to help?! It is blank no more, by a long shot! :] )
Hey, one of my game bundles has a copy of Undertale in it! I own that, I really liked it! Well, if I have a free copy, I oughta give it to somebody! =3

Wait. Everyone I know who possibly could be interested in it has owned it for a while.

...this could be difficult. /:3

...anyone want a free copy of Undertale? =3
So I bought "Dead Rising" on the PS4's store about a week ago. You might remember I'm a fan of the series (even if I've never gotten a chance to play 3 or 4), to the point where I've personally written an extensive guide to getting the Saint Achievement for the original Dead Rising on GameFAQs, long in the past.

So I'm starting from scratch on Dead Rising 1 (well, more or less - I accidentally restarted the game into beginning at level 3), and despite not having otherwise played the game AT ALL in about eight years, I have somehow managed to bumblefuck my way into defeating every Psychopath in the game and beating everything, all the way into Overtime and through. I managed to at least meet every single survivor, and only lost three - none too bad for a might-as-well-be-fresh start on a game I've not played in eight years and forgot giant sections of my route for, and NEVER done a "start from level 3" modifier for what was basically a 100% (okay, more like 94%) run!

Apparently, my PS4 secretly recorded the footage and told Capcom about my past exploits while I went to the bathroom during the credits, and they decided to automatically gave me the Saint Achievement despite how I'm pretty damn sure that with my own knowledge in mind, I was two under the threshold for getting the achievement! =3

*throws arms up in confusion* =3
Thanks for the well-wishing to those who said something about it.

I assure you that if I didn't respond, it's not because I don't thank you for it, it's merely that I didn't have enough to work with in order to make a bad joke in response, and I can only post the food joke so many times. =3
I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't bring back the original design for Nancy (except better-drawn) (kind of) for amusement purposes.

No, I'm not getting rid of the Nancy we know and love we know well, she's kind of recognizable that shows up in commissions nobody cares about. And I'll have to figure out a new name for Previous Nancy. :[
I don't really care if I don't have a girlfriend or anything this Valentine's Day. I got my candy hearts that everyone in the world but me hates, I got my video games, and I got a good Tuesday ahead of me! O3O

...but for those who might be taking it a little harder, I will say this: Don't beat yourself up over being alone. Be it the process of getting into a relationship in the first place, or maintaining one you're in, it is not easy to do, and sometimes it just doesn't work out.

But either way, you're not less of a person for it. It's better to think things through, or have a bit of a delay or a setback, than it is to end up with someone that you don't get along with that well, don't honestly really like, hurt a third party, or make a friendly relationship one that isn't so much.

Do not settle, or otherwise do something you'll regret, just because you feel you don't have a choice. The choices may not be immediately apparent, and oftentimes it's not easy to locate where they are, but you've always got choices. Make the choices that are right for you.

Maybe one day, you'll be eating cheaply-made candy and doing shockingly inappropriate holiday activities with another person in your room! ;3
Despite what I did with Nancy once, I wouldn't expect to see her in that new sweater that's making the rounds these days.

Because you'd be seeing Nancy using the 'virgin killer' sweater to strangle a hentai protagonist while kicking the shit out of him, while Nancy's completely naked or in panties otherwise.

Most people wouldn't draw that. >3>
(FINISH!!! Someone won :3)

Hmm... Fucked if I know why, but I'm about to hit 200k views.

I don't feel like drawing anything, but I AM willing to give out free Steam codes I've got for "SteamWorld Heist" and "Project Highrise" (ended up with a spare for both) to whoever so manages to hit that number, or whoever comes closest and bothers to tell me. Or pick one and let someone else get the other! It's all the same to me =3

(I knew buying games too quickly could lead to doing some good! =3)
I've heard it said before that Nancy evidently reminds more than zero people of Harley Quinn. I do have to admit it's amusing how both hers and Nancy's current designs seem to have happened around the same time, presumably with neither creator's knowledge.

Now I wonder what these same people would've thought if they'd seen a few of Nancy's previous revisions and found that she was fond of a bat, herself.
LEJJENDER issue 1 now on sale! (cover) by hinomars19

You should buy Hino's stuff. :3
So I've been playing a lot of Let It Die.

It probably says a lot about either my tendencies toward (botched) tactical play, my constantly-increasing sense of sadism, or both, that my first action upon creating new characters is to stomp on frogs, then immediately eat the mushrooms they make - the ones that tear-gas my characters.

What with the tumultuous times it has been for many this year, let us not forget what the day of December 25 truly means to all of us, and lest we forget, the way to a better tomorrow lies within us all.

Indeed, it can start as soon as your family Christmas party. Now, everyone has that family member that the rest of the family isn't particularly fond of. Some might say that they wish that particular family member should get a notable amount of coal in their stocking (possibly with it having been set on fire first, in a difficult-to-detect location in their house). But you? No, you can be different.

Instead, simply hang around and talk with the family member that nobody likes. Sure, you may continue to not like them, but perhaps you can put a smile on their face. Let them know that despite not being the best person around - perhaps they are actually the most annoying person you have ever met, and/or are at least 1.5 bastards, - that everyone deserves a little bit of happiness.

And none will know this more so than the rest of the family, for now that this family member is much more likely to trust you and will not see it coming, you can then casually walk up behind your hated family member, and drive the used turkey knife so far into the side of their neck that it rips through their windpipe and peeks out the other side.

Truly, it will be the merriest of Christmases for the whole family, and you shall know that you have made the world a better place. =3

Look, it's 80 degrees out, my AC is on, and I have a dark sense of humor. So Merry Christmas, even for other people like me who can barely tell it's such! =3
So I bought "Watch_Dogs 2" not long ago.

I decided it would be fun to take part in a co-op mission I was called into.

Turns out that my partner evidently suffered a major brain aneurysm not long after calling me in, as he did nothing but stand there the entire mission... up to and including the part where it turns out we both have to leave the area in order for it to count as completed.

Bit of a problem when the other guy isn't moving.

So I decided to give him a bit of a creative push... by getting into a car I found down the hill, and shoving the guy outside of the "MISSION STILL OCCURRING HERE" boundary via a few helpful urgings from my front bumper.

And that is how you complete a co-op mission when your partner DIES IN REAL LIFE!!!! :3
So I've noticed that a couple of people I like to commission from time to time are getting a startlingly low amount of business for reasons I'm unsure of. So I feel it's my prerogative to sort of scoot you guys their way, since if you like what you're seeing here, you'll dig 'em ;3

:iconbluebullpen: - Seriously, how in the hell do so few people seem to know about this guy? I'd think that a thing I posted (plus a thing that's being done that I can't post without a particularly silly censor bar) would point out quite nicely that he's good at doing 'sexy' of all kinds, yet his commission list is about as dry as the Crispix I forgot to throw out back in April. Plus, as implied, if you dig the less safe for work stuff, this guy knows how to provide, and he seems like a friendly guy who's easy to work with. ;3

:iconstalemeat: - And if you're looking for something more on the 'adorable' side of things, this is a guy to check out. You've seen what he can do with *checks* ...Moxy, Nancy, a different Nancy, Rikako, Misty and Skyler. Again, if you like an occasional bout of cuteness, give 'im a go; he's another friendly sort, too =3
(Edit: . Everyone else has asked elsewhere. >3> )

'Maria' - Maria Kenney by YukaTakeuchiFan

I did a thing with a thing. So it's story time.

So while doing up the palette-swaps for the Marias, it's worth noting that all of the palette-swap names have to do with the color red (as in 'redshirt'), people and characters known for dying a lot with their name occasionally mutated into a feminine version (Such as in Maria Kenney, say it out loud), or in the case of Garcia, blatantly stolen from the same enemy from Streets of Rage.

"Mattie" is a female form of "Matt", which is that guy from Death Note who's mostly famous for getting honeycombed to the point of his brain likely becoming an external organ more or less immediately following his first appearance.

Here's the thing; if you're reading this, yes, I'm aware of another "Mattie/Matt" combination, and if you're here at all, of course you know who I'm talking about. In the interest of pretending to be original, I struggled mightily to not give Mattie Blake's design any form of cow print, and to not give her any traits of the other Mattie. I think I succeeded in regards to the outfit, if you look at 'Mattie' - Mattie Blake by YukaTakeuchiFan.

So you might be wondering why the hell I bothered doing all of that palette-swap work in the first place, especially given how I'm so damn lazy that I almost never do what I did in the two links.

For my own amusement, I planned on getting questionable artworks from a buddy of mine, and I figured that it would be best to give him visual aids on their color schemes. Kind of a pain to do in text, my friend the 'bucket' tool doesn't play nice with pencil scans, and hell with it, I needed the practice. So I actually-computer-lined the Maria drawing I did.

Said artwork I want required at least three of the Maria palettes, so I figured that since I was only doing base colors anyway, and each palette only took about a minute to make, I might as well give a color scheme to all 11.

Because of the nature of the questionable artwork, I decided that one of the Marias should be able to lactate. Don't ask. Anyway, I made plans for a picture with three Marias, and one with four. This only matters to the effect that I needed one more Maria to go in as a sure thing. I decided myself that Maria and Hyatt were in, but I needed that third Maria to be Miss Milkmaid. And I didn't know which of the nine left to use for that.

And for fun, I asked a few buddies of mine who liked the character a simple question - that of which of the Maria palette-swaps they liked best.

Best friend: "Maria, Mattie, Rockwell."
Friend and artist of the picture I want: "Watanabe and Mattie."

Oh hey! They both like Mattie! I'll put her in as the milker =3

I heard a friend of mine say that one Ryoka Narusawa was made the way she was in order to give her show a feature that really stood out.

While I do not in any way deny that they succeeded based on the contents of my DA and Pixiv watch-boxes, and I don't have any complaints about it whatsoever, it does lead to the odd realization that I just know that in everyone's mind, this is about what everyone knows about the actual show itself:

Name of anime:
"Occultic Ryoka Please Tell Me This Is Enough Correct Words To Get To The Gifs And Porn"

Plot synopsis:
"Who friggin' cares"

List of characters:
"Ryoka Narusawa and a bunch of background characters"

Wait time until SOMEONE commissions some blue-haired, increasingly muscular doofus getting his ectoplasm on with Ryoka:
Okay, not gonna lie, I didn't think I'd ever suddenly have the opportunity to actually buy "Princess Maker 2" rather than just, um, possess it.…

You know your universe is anime as hell when your second most common hair color amongst your characters is blue, following blonde.

(Hey, at least I'm trying to come up with story justifications! :[ )
I normally don't read my convention brochures from cover-to-cover - I do look for panels to sit in on (though I normally don't actually go to too many), since it's always nice to be able to sit down and relax from time to time (and typically in an area where the air conditioner's effects are a hell of a lot easier to feel than the main halls). But I usually skip the sections where they mention Artist Alley and vendor attendees - not because I'm not interested in who's showing; that's not even REMOTELY the case, and I tend to spend a lot of time in those areas during their open hours - but because I don't really see the point in doing research into what can easily be dozens to hundreds of vendors and artists that I can really just as easily (and more effectively) find out information about just by, well, walking up and looking at their stuff during the convention.

Long story short, if I don't somehow know in advance that a person is going to a convention, I'll only find out about it when the day actually comes.

Not that I'm entirely certain I wouldn't have been sure I read things correctly if I'd just READ that a guy named "Magister" was coming to the convention, even at a spectacularly busy one such as last weekend's... goodness knows I had to double-take and confirm that I was seeing exactly what I thought I was seeing when I saw some prints from :iconmw-magister: on the walls of one of the booths.

Yes. It turns out that it was in fact THE :iconmw-magister:, who had accidentally forgotten to reveal his visit until close to the end of day one. We actually talked a few times.

Er, suffice to say it was a somewhat surreal moment to find out that HE also knew who I was after having gotten about seven letters into my nickname while giving contact information, especially since he seemed to be pretty happy about that.

But I'm certainly not complaining! He's a pretty nice guy and fun to talk to; we even chatted a bit about the two characters I had him draw for me. If you're reading this, Magister, I'm definitely glad you came by Metrocon, and hope you're enjoying your time around here! =3

...oh, right, speaking of which. *goes over to the 'submit' button*
I had this (paraphrased) conversation with my folks not long ago. See, we have a dog named "Foxy" that tends to go into a mad barking fit whenever someone goes in the door, and seems to have a strange affinity for fast food items...

Me: "I don't know how in the hell Foxy's supposed to eat a burrito anyway."

Mom: "She's had a piece of those McDonald's Breakfast Burritos before and liked it!"

Me: "Yeah, but I don't even know what I'd do. I'd just end up with a runny mess if I tried to dismantle the kind of burritos I've got."

Mom: "Wouldn't matter to her. She'll eat almost anything!"

Me: "You sure you want to see if Foxy gets the Taco Bell Burrito Shits?"

Mom and Dad: "NO! :333"

Foxy did not get the burrito this night.