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our school!!!! =3
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DirtyKuro's Free Art Raffle! (CLOSED)
Hello everyone! I recently realized that I have been on deviantArt for one whole year now! Although for the first couple of months I wasn't too active or noticed, it is still definitely a milestone worth celebrating ^^ So I figured that it was time I try one of these out.
I will pick a winner using! Please be patient with me as I distribute numbers too xD; I'm a little slow x.x
You must be my watcher (new watchers are welcome, but please don't unwatch me after!!)Fav this journal and comment (asking to join) on it to be enteredTag this raffle in a journal or poll for (+1) Please let me know in your comment if you did this btw!Tag 3 people in your comment for (+1)
Thigh up pic of a character of your choice, with no bg. My normal commission rules apply, which you can read about here:
:icondirtykuro:dirtykuro 188 510
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So, I am no longer in the sights of Hurricane Irma.

Allow me to give you a full list of the damages my house went through.

-Power and cable flickered out about 7 times for a combined total of about 30 seconds.
-There was a leak (fairly quickly plugged) that caused some minor damage to the floor (quickly dried up; thank fuck I moved some books out of the area beforehand, though), as it turns out that we hadn't set part of my AC unit properly.
-A few boxes got knocked over outside.
-I dropped and broke a figure I'd gotten for free, unboxed, a while ago - after the storm had passed by and I was attempting to move a few things.

I have no idea how in the screaming fuck I got this lucky.

I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I tell you all that for a couple of points in the advisory - and that is to say, for around nine hours - the hurricane's path was set to go DIRECTLY OVER MY HOUSE. Instead, the hurricane decided to go completely off-track, proceed to cut itself in half, and further proceeded to just go north until it passed by me, leaving me and my family in one of the safest parts of the storm throughout its entire duration (mind, I say 'safest' in a relative sense, as the winds were very clearly WAY above normal speeds), as it rapidly lost power while passing and only started going west again once I was well out of the collapsed eye's range.

For now... everything's just about back to normal, somehow. City's having a hell of a time getting the power grid back up in full, up to and including about half the traffic lights (and in COMPLETELY RANDOM LOCATIONS, almost), but somehow, here I sit, PS4 up and running, and able to type this all out on my keyboard on my computer.

All told, though, I cannot be more glad that I completely wasted my time and money prepping my ass off for this hurricane (though at least my room's nice and dusted for when it's time to put all my stuff back, and I threw out a bunch of garbage I found and that I should've junked ages ago). :3
Well, Hurricane Irma's on its collision course with the state I live in.

We're doing the best job we can on all the prep and I'm pretty sure the house can take a bit of a battering, so I think we'll largely be okay, though I doubt we're going to have power, internet and such for a while.

As long as we last the 12 hours the storm's projected to last, I think we'll be fine from there, albeit stormed through and annoyed.

Meanwhile, I guess wait for me to post something new. Your "favorite" internet has-been ain't going out that easily.


YukaTakeuchiFan's Profile Picture
United States
I'm an anime fan and longtime video game player who enjoys writing and boobs to the point where I have actually written goofy BE stories that have been turned into comics. I have two main talents- having ideas for humorous situations, and never bothering to put them into practice.

So we're all clear on this, I do have plans for the majority of my characters that involve them doing specific things and having relationships with certain people, as well as having specific things they like and don't like (as well as ME having specific things I do and don't like). This said, while I am open to the idea of potentially having my characters do stuff with other people (up to and including buying a joint commission from someone with ya), I kinda need to both enjoy the idea personally, and your idea must not require me to make my characters do wildly out-of-character things.

I would not get your hopes up on permanently shipping someone with one of my characters, is what I am saying. And applying about 75% of your fetishes are going to be met by my response consisting solely of "no".


Huh. "Fight'n Rage" taught me something today - it turns out there actually ARE still beat-em-ups that realize that they're beat-em-ups, and not just sub-par 2D fighting games pretending to be.
Still Better Than You (by OppaiCannon)
Okay, I suppose it should really come as no surprise that there's only ONE person more bold and brave than Hero Nancy. And lookit that face, you can just TELL that she's only ever the bottom by rare, rare choice. Anyone know if there's a variant of Hokuto No Ken that's meant to play to the ideals of relatively harmless perverts, so I can see how long it takes before I run that joke into the ground?

And DAMMIT Nancy, is there nobody with big breasts that you aren't willing to grope? >:3

And no I'm not making her fight Katsuragi either! (This one is mostly because nobody will draw it, you see. :3) they kiss O3O

Art by :iconoppaicannon: - Another new face shows up, doing a fine job with Nancy's Sadistic Bedroom Face. Will we pair up to bring you more pervy goodness? Well, you'll SEE :3

Nancy Ryman, both original flavor (it tastes like human, a fist, and pennies) and Hero Nancy varieties, belong to :iconyukatakeuchifan:, along with all the OTHER Nancys! No I'm not making them all have a Nancy Orgy, as that would take a monitor the size of Nancy's ego to display.
Heroes Don't Gotta Do It Alone (by Morningstareve)

Just because you're a total badass wasteland fighter doesn't mean that you don't want an occasional cuddle. Life isn't all exploded bodies and martial arts of unclear origin; after all, is not the ultimate goal of a true hero to ensure that one day, they can retire knowing that they're no longer needed? >:3

Hero Nancy sometimes misses the days when exploring was just exploring, after all. And it doesn't mean that she's averse to getting a little close to a nice, cute guy :3

Just don't be a jerk, as I'm sure that there's some sort of strike that feels like a can of mace exploded into a cloud of tasers that all flew into your face. Martial arts of unclear origin can do many strange things!

Art by :iconmorningstareve: - Oh don't worry. You'll keep coming back. You will NEVER be free of new Nancys to draw. >=3

Nancy Ryman, "Hero Nancy" type, still belongs to :iconyukatakeuchifan:. Is there a martial art that allows you to continue to pester a friend into drawing six billion variants of your character? /:3
I've Already Won! (by Mazohyst-Moemixcloud)
Of course Hero Nancy sweats! She lives in the wastelands, and it's hot out there - why do you think she wears the headband? :3

Don't let the cute face (one that is frequently obscured by her breasts from several angles) fool you, Hero Nancy's one tough lady and she's willing to demonstrate it. She does find that it's a bit annoying to have a fair number of redshirt mooks too busy staring at her chest to actually listen to just why and how the fists of justice are coming down on them, but at the same time, it's really quite handy when they're not looking at the fist (or 100) that's about to ensure that truly, they're already led into total defeat!

Still a shame that most of the Cool Poses don't really get a chance to shine, though. :,3

Art by :iconmazohyst-moemixcloud:; tablet component in fist and coming forth to star in another submission =3

Nancy Ryman, "Hero Nancy" type, is the OC of :iconyukatakeuchifan: - just like all the others! By the time it's all over, I think they'll have added up to some sort of Quadrillion Crack Fist nightmare.


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