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So my vacation with :iconzerovirusmkii: starts tomorrow. This is probably going to majorly slow down the rate at which I'm able to respond to things until about a week from then.

Though, with noted irony, this will likely increase my work output a fair bit. /:3
So I have another of my week-long vacations with my buddy :iconzerovirusmkii: in about three weeks.

I say right now, I promise NOTHING regarding whether or not I'm going to accept any given one of the suggestions, or even any of them at all, but nonetheless, I'm almost certain to be doodling up another mook or two (you know, like our buddies in… ).

This said, anyone got an idea for a mook type that might be fun to draw? Keep in mind, I'm not looking for super-long descriptions, just a basic idea of something that'd fit in a beat-em-up. If any of them intrigue me, I might pick one or two to work with.
I remember when dullahan-girls were kind of a big thing not that long ago.

I somehow don't think any of my characters would have really fit the bill, largely because when I think of Nancy as one such girl, all I can see is her trying to fastball her head into people's noses, using her twintails to swing around as another means to headbutt people's faces in and/or strangle hentai protagonists, and using her twintails to hold on tight as she basically buzzsaws through a hentai protagonist's neck using her teeth.

Most people think cuteness, my characters think combat options.
So, I am no longer in the sights of Hurricane Irma.

Allow me to give you a full list of the damages my house went through.

-Power and cable flickered out about 7 times for a combined total of about 30 seconds.
-There was a leak (fairly quickly plugged) that caused some minor damage to the floor (quickly dried up; thank fuck I moved some books out of the area beforehand, though), as it turns out that we hadn't set part of my AC unit properly.
-A few boxes got knocked over outside.
-I dropped and broke a figure I'd gotten for free, unboxed, a while ago - after the storm had passed by and I was attempting to move a few things.

I have no idea how in the screaming fuck I got this lucky.

I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I tell you all that for a couple of points in the advisory - and that is to say, for around nine hours - the hurricane's path was set to go DIRECTLY OVER MY HOUSE. Instead, the hurricane decided to go completely off-track, proceed to cut itself in half, and further proceeded to just go north until it passed by me, leaving me and my family in one of the safest parts of the storm throughout its entire duration (mind, I say 'safest' in a relative sense, as the winds were very clearly WAY above normal speeds), as it rapidly lost power while passing and only started going west again once I was well out of the collapsed eye's range.

For now... everything's just about back to normal, somehow. City's having a hell of a time getting the power grid back up in full, up to and including about half the traffic lights (and in COMPLETELY RANDOM LOCATIONS, almost), but somehow, here I sit, PS4 up and running, and able to type this all out on my keyboard on my computer.

All told, though, I cannot be more glad that I completely wasted my time and money prepping my ass off for this hurricane (though at least my room's nice and dusted for when it's time to put all my stuff back, and I threw out a bunch of garbage I found and that I should've junked ages ago). :3
Well, Hurricane Irma's on its collision course with the state I live in.

We're doing the best job we can on all the prep and I'm pretty sure the house can take a bit of a battering, so I think we'll largely be okay, though I doubt we're going to have power, internet and such for a while.

As long as we last the 12 hours the storm's projected to last, I think we'll be fine from there, albeit stormed through and annoyed.

Meanwhile, I guess wait for me to post something new. Your "favorite" internet has-been ain't going out that easily.
*paces around, moving my stuff around and into plastic tubs and such in preparation for the fact that I'm in a fairly precarious spot regarding Hurricane Irma's pathing possibilities*

Welp, here's to hoping that it dissipates before an actual need to evacuate possibly becomes a thing. I'd like to go back to the part of the week where I was mostly concerning myself with what daily excuse I was going to use for not working hard enough on doodling up a pair of prostitute sisters I planned for use in commissions.

Hey, Maya and Mayra are set up to provide comedy value, and not just due to the application of larger-than-normal-for-me parts (it's just MOSTLY due to that)! You'd all like them (especially the people I'll end up paying to draw them better than I can)! :[

Yes, I know I'm talking about a natural disaster as a bit of an afterthought, but talking about future plans for things that do not regard really high winds keeps me from abject panic. :333
*sees screenshots of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash*

*idly hopes for mods of E.D.F. 4.1 that replace the hero characters with Senran Kagura characters, so that they can blow up ants*

*SIGH~* If only~ :,3
I have now finished a flat-colored Hero Nancy picture. I've got an outfit guide, too.

However, except for a couple of people I am about to tell about it for because contest winning and commission bait, I have to hold it hostage for a few days while I wait for a project I made my friend do, which requires him to have no way to see the picture I drew.

I would distribute socks filled with soap bars as a means to speed up my friend, but I like my blanket right where it is, and I fear that the socks may be turned against me until I post the picture (that and I need to buy more soap).

(Edit: Okay, so you won't need the improvised weaponry, but hey, who couldn't still use a little clothing flail in their lives? :3)

*decides to flip through the digital pre-orders on my PS4 before booting up Netflix as background noise for my drawing project* :3

*checks the time left for both Undertale (shut up) and Cities: Skylines, both of which are due to come out on the 15th* :3

*sees that both games apparently have conflicting ideas on how time works, seeing as how Undertale releases on August 15 at the crack of midnight, and Cities: Skylines releases at 9 AM that day* :3

You're killin' me with this confusion, Playstation 4 *boots up Netflix* :3
Paraphrased during a joke I made during a party game thing at Metrocon, that had a Mario Brothers theme:

*playing a game that involved "Red Light, Green Light"*
"So if anyone shows a blue light, do we have the guy in the back walk up and kick the guy in first in the back of the knees?"
Who here thinks that me trying to pair up Nancy with Eiken's Kirika would be either the worst idea ever, or THE BEST WORST IDEA EVER?! >:3
:iconmazohyst-moemixcloud: has a completely empty commission list at the time I am typing this and that's just WRONG :[

You should go in and look at what's available! Make it not empty! :[

(Edit: Wait, holy shit! Did I actually help somebody that I intended to help?! It is blank no more, by a long shot! :] )
Hey, one of my game bundles has a copy of Undertale in it! I own that, I really liked it! Well, if I have a free copy, I oughta give it to somebody! =3

Wait. Everyone I know who possibly could be interested in it has owned it for a while.

...this could be difficult. /:3

...anyone want a free copy of Undertale? =3
So I bought "Dead Rising" on the PS4's store about a week ago. You might remember I'm a fan of the series (even if I've never gotten a chance to play 3 or 4), to the point where I've personally written an extensive guide to getting the Saint Achievement for the original Dead Rising on GameFAQs, long in the past.

So I'm starting from scratch on Dead Rising 1 (well, more or less - I accidentally restarted the game into beginning at level 3), and despite not having otherwise played the game AT ALL in about eight years, I have somehow managed to bumblefuck my way into defeating every Psychopath in the game and beating everything, all the way into Overtime and through. I managed to at least meet every single survivor, and only lost three - none too bad for a might-as-well-be-fresh start on a game I've not played in eight years and forgot giant sections of my route for, and NEVER done a "start from level 3" modifier for what was basically a 100% (okay, more like 94%) run!

Apparently, my PS4 secretly recorded the footage and told Capcom about my past exploits while I went to the bathroom during the credits, and they decided to automatically gave me the Saint Achievement despite how I'm pretty damn sure that with my own knowledge in mind, I was two under the threshold for getting the achievement! =3

*throws arms up in confusion* =3
Thanks for the well-wishing to those who said something about it.

I assure you that if I didn't respond, it's not because I don't thank you for it, it's merely that I didn't have enough to work with in order to make a bad joke in response, and I can only post the food joke so many times. =3
I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't bring back the original design for Nancy (except better-drawn) (kind of) for amusement purposes.

No, I'm not getting rid of the Nancy we know and love we know well, she's kind of recognizable that shows up in commissions nobody cares about. And I'll have to figure out a new name for Previous Nancy. :[
I don't really care if I don't have a girlfriend or anything this Valentine's Day. I got my candy hearts that everyone in the world but me hates, I got my video games, and I got a good Tuesday ahead of me! O3O

...but for those who might be taking it a little harder, I will say this: Don't beat yourself up over being alone. Be it the process of getting into a relationship in the first place, or maintaining one you're in, it is not easy to do, and sometimes it just doesn't work out.

But either way, you're not less of a person for it. It's better to think things through, or have a bit of a delay or a setback, than it is to end up with someone that you don't get along with that well, don't honestly really like, hurt a third party, or make a friendly relationship one that isn't so much.

Do not settle, or otherwise do something you'll regret, just because you feel you don't have a choice. The choices may not be immediately apparent, and oftentimes it's not easy to locate where they are, but you've always got choices. Make the choices that are right for you.

Maybe one day, you'll be eating cheaply-made candy and doing shockingly inappropriate holiday activities with another person in your room! ;3
Despite what I did with Nancy once, I wouldn't expect to see her in that new sweater that's making the rounds these days.

Because you'd be seeing Nancy using the 'virgin killer' sweater to strangle a hentai protagonist while kicking the shit out of him, while Nancy's completely naked or in panties otherwise.

Most people wouldn't draw that. >3>
(FINISH!!! Someone won :3)

Hmm... Fucked if I know why, but I'm about to hit 200k views.

I don't feel like drawing anything, but I AM willing to give out free Steam codes I've got for "SteamWorld Heist" and "Project Highrise" (ended up with a spare for both) to whoever so manages to hit that number, or whoever comes closest and bothers to tell me. Or pick one and let someone else get the other! It's all the same to me =3

(I knew buying games too quickly could lead to doing some good! =3)
I've heard it said before that Nancy evidently reminds more than zero people of Harley Quinn. I do have to admit it's amusing how both hers and Nancy's current designs seem to have happened around the same time, presumably with neither creator's knowledge.

Now I wonder what these same people would've thought if they'd seen a few of Nancy's previous revisions and found that she was fond of a bat, herself.